Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Halloween

So much is going on. We have had a crazy year filled with sickness, joys, successes and sorrows. But through it all, we have overcome. The Lord works in mysterious ways and with humor throughout. Earlier, I had hit rock bottom...Sunday, I should say. I had given up and decided that I wasn't going to try anymore than I had to. Fortunately, through prayer and study, the Lord saw fit to mend a bridge that needed mending. Although the trials and tribulations are still awry, they are much easier to bare now that I've acquired my partner again. And we, the 3 of us, can continue on this journey with open hearts and a willingness to learn and listen.

We have just recently had a baptism...the first in our family. Braden turned 8 in September and my Pop and his wife Rosalee were able to come and experience it with us. We were all really excited they were able to come.

On Friday, Landon will have his first sleep over party, by himself and will be turning 6. We are so proud of him. He has turned into such a special boy and has even managed to keep his beautiful blonde hair and his hazel eyes...just like Daddy!

On Thursday, Kaleyna will turn 2!! I know it was yesterday we were blessing her, but we are going on to the terrible twos and boy, is she good at it. Down to the drawing on the walls with pencils and sharpies to dumping out bags of crackers all over the floor, she is good at being 2, but we love her anyway! She is a big girl, a size 4T and is an absolute gorgeous girl. She is looking forward to Trick-or-treating on Saturday.

Brogan and Talhon are growing up super fast too. Brogan turned 3 in April and has taken on the middle kid role superbly! He seems to fit in with both sets of kids really well. He can hang with the big boys in video games and trampoline adventures, but can enjoy himself just as well playing toys with the babies! He's awesome...and soo patient with mom!!

Talhon is crawling up and almost down the stairs...a feat we have quickly had to master. He is always on the go and thoroughly enjoys being outside and exploring for himself. He is a joy to be around and, just as we've been told by many, at his worst, he is still an angel...although I don't think they've experienced him at 2 or 3 in the morning...but even then it's pretty hard to be mad at him.

Joseph is working hard, as always and has acquired a great job at a local company doing exactly what he loves. No more commuting and no more missing time with the kids for days at a time. We like having Daddy around more!

I am better than I was this morning and I feel like the Lord takes a special interest in making sure I know he lives. We had a fantastic experience at Time Out for Women this past weekend and I was able to meet some amazing people and share it with some pretty amazing people that I am lucky enough to have in my life. And may I just say how much I love Hilary Weeks! Her music and attitude inspire me to be better than I am and better for my family and friends.

There is always more going on, than I could ever keep up with, but I am so glad that I have the gospel in my life to ground me when I need it most. Prayer is such a powerful thing. And the knowledge that the Lord is there and knows who we are, makes being without my mother, so much easier to bare!!

Here's to the holiday!! May the come with happiness, love and charity...and may they last longer than they are!